Venue Entry

At this year's Tokyo International Bar Show, we do not use BarShow cards to purchase annual bottles.

You will be required to sign a Letter of Consent upon entry into the venue. If you have a BarShow Card, you are not required to submit the Letter of Consent as you already agreed to the consent terms as the bearer of the card. We could only send the BarShow Card the person who lives in Japan, so please fill Letter of Consent up and bring it with you if you live overseas.

One BarShow Card per person, please. Even if you apply for multiple cards, you will only be sent one. Thank you for your understanding. Due to mailout timing, the deadline for BarShow Card application will be 6:00 p.m. Monday, April 24. Applications after this date and from abroad may be made at the event venue. If you intend to purchase an Annual Bottle, you may apply for a BarShow Card at the Numbered Ticket Location.

Click here for BarShow Card application >>