Special Guest:Mr. Jason Crawley Special Guest:Mr. Jason Crawley
A Look @ Some Iconic Aussie Bars Through The Lens of Drink Families

Jason will share stories and cocktails from his favourite Australian Bars, highlighting how specific Drink Families form a great base for @ home cocktail creativity.

Special Guest:Mr. Dave Broom Special Guest:Mr. Dave Broom
Around the world with whisky. Roundup of what’s exciting.

Mr. Dave Broom Travels the World in Search of Various Whiskeys.
This connoisseur will share with you some of the exciting things he has encountered regarding whiskey. What interesting things will he tell us? Stay tuned.

Whisk-e Ltd Whisk-e Ltd
Blender uncovers the charm of Michter's
- Michter's Meets Japanese Whiskey -


A special conversation between Master Distiller Dan McKee, making a special visit from Michter's Distillery for the Tokyo International BarShow, and Seiichi Koshimizu, Chief Blender Emeritus of Suntory Spirits Ltd. Beginning with the fundamentals of American whiskey, the dialogue will delve into the unique qualities and characteristics of Michter's, which was honored as the best American whiskey last year. Presented in a conversational format, the discussion will draw comparisons with Japanese whiskey production.

Former Country Brand Manager Talks about the Allure of "Cask Specialist"
Bushmills Single Malt


Rory, an Irish national and former brand manager from Proximo Spirits, will introduce the allure of Bushmills Single Malt and showcase exclusive prestige products not yet available in Japan.

Bruichladdich Distillery is not a Classic Distillery.

“Too beautiful to be a flaBruichladdich Distillery was established in 1881, closed in 1994, and revived in 2001. The distillery has had a tumultuous history, but since 2001 it has been at the forefront of progressive whiskey making, aiming to become the most innovative distillery in the world with a terroir-centric approach. Brand Ambassador Jack Chambers will introduce some very exciting new products while bringing you the latest news from the Bruichladdich Distillery. You might even win some great prizes...

Fever-Tree and the Delicious Enjoyment of Alcohol
- Insights From the Brand Ambassador & Popular Alcohol Influencers


Fever-Tree is a premium mixer sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Since its launch in 2005, the brand has pioneered the world's first series of mixers that focus on ingredients that enhance the flavors of tonic water and various other spirits. At this stage event, brand ambassador Toshihiro Fukami and popular alcohol influencers will introduce the delightful enjoyment of Fever-Tree and alcohol, combining brand stories with live demonstrations.

Suntory Spirits Limited Suntory Spirits Limited
Suntory Special Stage - Yamazaki Distillery Trivia and Cocktail Culture Creation

A special viewing of part of the Yamazaki Distillery episode featured in Toho Animation’s "Bartender: Glass of God"! After the viewing, whisky specialist Taichi Sasaki will host a trivia event on the Yamazaki Distillery, which has just recently undergone a major renovation, along with a virtual tour of the facility. Don't miss the cocktail creation stage by Kenji Nakano (The Okura Tokyo), winner of Suntory The Cocktail Award 2023, an award part of Suntory's efforts to create a culture of Western liquors!

Bacardi Japan Bacardi Japan
Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie Macleod Discusses the Allure of Dewar’s

Stephanie Macleod is the first female Master Blender and Master of Malt for the Dewar’s brand. The various blends and malts she has created have received international recognition, and the International Whisky Competition named her Master Blender of the Year for the fifth consecutive year, spanning from 2019 to 2023. She is one of the most notable master blenders in the world today.

Ms. Shoko Tomita Ms. Shoko Tomita
Flair Bartending Performance

A staple attraction since performing at the first Tokyo International BarShow, the too beautiful to flair Ms. Shoko Tomita will once again take the stage. She has prepared a story book interpretation for a feminine touch. Be sure to catch her once again this year!

Japan Gin Association Japan Gin Association
Gin Guardians Award Ceremony

The Japan Gin Association awards the title of ‘Gin Guardians’ to those who have contributed to the spread and development of Japanese gin.