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Special Guest: Mr. Adal Márquez Special Guest: Mr. Adal Márquez
The art of Throwing

A Masterclass by Adal Márquez. He has been head bartender for Barcelona’s "BOADAS" for many years. The bar is world-renowned for its “Throwing” cocktail making technique. In this Masterclass, martinis made by shaking, stirring and throwing will be discussed as will the artistry of Throwing.

Special Guest : Mr. Dave Broom Special Guest : Mr. Dave Broom
The New Flow in Scotland - New Community-based Distilleries, West coast/islands

Dave Broom has shared the charm of Scotch whisky at BarShow innumerable times. This year, he will tell us about new trends in Scotland. Sip on Dave's favorite Scotch whiskies from Springbank, Glen Scotia, Bruichladdich, Kilchoman, Ardnamurchan while hearing about the new communities on the west coast and island distilleries as only he would be able to tell.

Sherry/Whisky - Compare the Flavours of Sherry and the Flavours of
Whisky and why They are Different Things


Backed by his deep knowledge of whisky, Dave will discuss with everyone how to interpret the aroma of sherry and whisky and their unique characteristics through several tasting samples.

Pernod Ricard Japan Pernod Ricard Japan
KI NO BI Masterclass ~ 6 Elements Tasting Seminar ~

KI NO BI House Manager and bartender Masashi Sakuma discusses the ‘KI NO BI’ brand. KI NO BI is made with 11 botanicals distilled as six separate elements then blended. During this Masterclass, we will sample these six elements prior to blending, so don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Suntory Spirits Limited Suntory Spirits Limited
100 Years in the Making - Suntory Whisky

Whisky making celebrates its 100th year in 2023. This presentation will feature the future of whisky making and "producing of a variety of unblended spirits with a focus on aging”.

The Allure of Nikka’s Array of Grain Whiskies

Nikka Whisky has a long history of Coffey grain whisky made by a Coffey-type continuous distillation that started operation in 1964 while also simultaneously continues to take on various new challenges. Principal blender Masashi Watanuki will discuss the various grain spirits that Nikka Whisky is currently working on and their appeal with actual tastings.

Barley Making Sense

Brand Ambassador Jack Chambers invites us along on a journey to taste two unique single malt whiskies from two distinct distilleries on separate continents. Learn about the importance of barley and how that most fundamental of ingredients impacts the whisky we love.

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