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Bar Academy @TIBS "Speak-hard, not Speak-easy"

Seminars by Guest bartenders:
World-class techniques right in front of you.

Presented by: Peter Dorelli, Takao Mori, Jim Meehan, Fumiyasu Mimitsuka
Presentation Time: 45 mins (Mr. Mori / Mr. Mimitsuka), 60 mins (Mr. Dorelli / Mr. Meehan)
Venue: Basement Level "Bar Academy @TIBS", turn left at the bottom of the escalator, just in front of the entrance to Hall C.
Capacity: 27 people per seminar.
Entry Tickets can be obtained from 12:00 each day, in front of the "Bar Academy @TIBS" room (B1), using 5 Premium Tasting Vouchers (worth 1,000 yen), on a first-come, first-served basis. *Premium Tasting Vouchers can be purchased at Voucher Shops located on both floors.



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