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● TIBS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is the Tokyo International BarShow (TIBS) ?
The Tokyo International BarShow (TIBS) is a 2-day event in central Tokyo that celebrates alcoholic beverages from around the world and the skills of the bartenders who serve them.

2. When is the Tokyo International BarShow 2013?
TIBS 2013 is being held over the weekend of April 20th & 21st , 2013.

3. Where is the Tokyo International BarShow 2013?
This year we are moving to a brand new and substantially larger venue, located in Shibuya. The event hall, called Belle Salle Shibuya Garden, is located a 10-12 minute walk from the main Shibuya Station. (Japanese site only).

4. What are the times of the Tokyo International BarShow 2013?
The main event is from 11.30am to 6pm each day.

5. Is TIBS different from Whisky Live?
TIBS is based upon Whisky Live but has been extended to include other drinks categories and cocktails, and also to showcase the expertise of the bartender. Whisky Live 2013 forms a part of TIBS.

6. Is TIBS only open to the trade?
No. Many of the visitors are not professionally involved in the drinks industry. TIBS will be of interest to drinks importers and retailers, bartenders, drinks connoisseurs or writers, those who enjoy sampling fine drinks in Japanese bars, 'new drinkers' or even those just looking for an educational and entertaining day out in the company of interesting people and fine spirits.

7. Where can I purchase a ticket?
Entry tickets are available either by following the link on this site to the booking page, (Japanese) or directly from Nippon Bartenders Association (NBA) member bars:

8. When do tickets go on sale?
Tickets are on sale via participating bars from 20th January 2013, and on the booking site from Feb-1st.

9. What if I am unable to book using the Japanese language website?
Please access the English language booking site :
If you are ordering tickets from within Japan, these will be posted out to you. If you are located overseas, we will make arrangements for you to collect your tickets on the door.

10. How much are tickets?
An Entry Ticket (essential) is ¥5,000 per day and a weekend pass (Sat/Sun) is ¥9,000. Purchasing online will also entail a small booking charge.
This year there are no Masterclasses, but a series of mini-seminars in the main exhibition halls. Entry is free-of-charge but limited and methods for obtaining tickets vary for each seminar; for full details coming up soon.

11. Are tickets available on the day?
Entry Tickets may be available on the day, but there is a strong possibility this year that all tickets would be sold in advance. If available, they would cost an additional ¥1,000 on the day.

12. Can I change or cancel tickets once purchased?
No. As we are using an external ticketing agency, this is unfortunately impossible. Please take extra care before ordering your tickets.

13. What do I get with my Entry Ticket?
*Unlimited access to the general areas of the event on your specified day.
*A copy of the Tokyo International BarShow brochure (Japanese).
* A TIBS tote bag
* A Glencairn Crystal Tasting Glass with TIBS logo.
* Sampling of all general products on the exhibitor booths.

14. If I only want to visit a Mini-Seminar do I still need an Entry Ticket?

15. Are there some products not included in my Entry Ticket?
Yes. Exhibitors at their own discretion can determine that some of their older or rarer products are only available in return for Premium Vouchers.

16. How do I obtain Premium Vouchers?
Premium Vouchers are available on the day at the TIBS Shop. A proportion of the proceeds will be donated to a designated charity.

17. Are there any special facilities for press people?
Press representatives are asked to register in advance at:
There will be no facility for on-the-day registration.

18. Are there any other rules and regulations I should be aware of?
*The organizers and all exhibitors and supporters of TIBS strongly advocate responsible drinking.
*Every visitor will be asked to sign a "Letter of Agreement" before entering the show, detailing some common-sense do's and don't's.
*No admission to anybody under the age of 20 years, even if accompanied by an adult.
*Drinking and driving is strictly forbidden.
* The area around the BarShow venue is a public space and visitors are asked not to act is a way that may cause inconvenience to other people when entering and leaving the event.
*Anybody judged by the organizers to be in a state that presents a danger to themselves or nuisance to other visitors will be asked to leave the show. The organisers' decision on these matters is final and no refund of entry money will be given.


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