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以下項目が記載された「同意書」へのご署名をご入場時にお願いしておりますが、オンライン登録にて発行されるBar Showカードをご持参いただきますと、このお手間が省けます。
※過去に発行された「Bar Showカード」もしくは「ウイスキーマガジン・ライヴ カード」をお持ちの方は、改めて申請いただく必要はございません。


Strictly no admission to anybody under 20 years of age, even if accompanied by an adult. No pets are allowed.
I will not drive under the influence of alcohol.
I will not behave in a rowdy manner, or in a way which will cause a nuisance to other guests.
I agree to the payment for the damage that I have caused during the event.
You are advised to drink plenty of mineral water and also eat during the day.
Smoking is only allowed in the designated area.
Still and video film taken at the event may be broadcast and distributed for promotional purposes. Your attendance at the event indicates your agreement to have any images of yourself used in this way.

Bar Showカード発行は締め切りいたしました。


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