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Stage programs

  stage programs

Main/Mini Stage Entertainment

Main Stage: Showcasing Bartenders’ Techniques, the current bar scene and more
You will have the opportunity to watch world-class bartending techniques, as well as other shows/performance such as talk shows, fruit-cutting, and flair bartending. We have invited guest bartenders both from overseas and locally. We have Mr. Peter Dorelli as a ‘Legend’ and Mr. Jim Meehan as a ‘Rising Star’. Their Japanese counterparts are present also. As a ‘Legend’, we have Mr. Takao Mori, well known as ‘Mr. Martini’. As  a ‘Rising Star’, Mr. Fumiyasu Mimitsuka, last year’s International Bartenders Association Cocktail Competition champion, will also be on stage. An interesting competition called ‘Nadeshiko Bartending Challenge’ will take place where lady bartenders will make their own special cocktails.

Mini Stage: For Those Who Want to Know More!

We have Mini Stages (Free!) this year, instead of the ‘masterclasses’ that were held until last year. There are over 40 Mini Stages that will be held at two locations on the underground level. Each Mini Stage accommodates 50 participants and will provide one drink.
Queuing tickets will be available on the day (with some exceptions), at the host exhibitors’ booths. These tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend you save time by purchasing your Entry Ticket in advance rather than on the door (you also save JY1,000 in this way!).

Mini-Stage Queuing Tickets

Queuing tickets will be, with some exceptions*, available at the host exhibitors’ booths (up to 3 tickets per person), each day. Please check where the brand booth you are interested in is located. There is a map on the TIBS Magazine you will receive when you enter.
*Some Mini Stages can be applied online from here.

■The Day 1  20th, April
Time Main Stage
11:45 Opening Ceremony
12:15 A Golden Decade for Japanese Whisky
With Dave Broom
13:00 Rising Stars
Jim Meehan & Fumiyasu Mimitsuka
Interview & Demonstration
13:45 Flair Bartending Show
14:30 Dave's Whisky Talk
15:15 Fruit Cutting & Garnish
16:00 Ice sculpture
16:30 MARTINI 150th Anniversary
17:15 Legends
Peter Dorelli & Takao Mori
Interview & Demonstration

Time Mini Stage1 Mini Stage2
12:00~12:20 GlenDronach Distillery Martini
12:30~12:50 Kilchoman Distillery Hakusyu & Chocolate
13:00~13:20 Springbank Distillery Taketsuru
13:30~13:50 Bruichladdich Bombay Sapphire
14:00~14:20 Chase Distillery Bols
14:30~14:50 Fever Tree Jim Beam
15:00~15:20 Balblair Bacardi
15:30~15:50 Duncan Taylor Midori Air Mix
16:00~16:20 Glenglassaugh Distillery Dewars
16:30~16:50 Highland Park Jack Daniel's
17:00~17:20 Isle of Arran Distillery  

■The Day 2   21st, April
Time Main Stage
12:00 Rising Stars
Jim Meehan & Fumiyasu Mimitsuka
Interview & Demonstration
12:45 Nadeshiko Bartending Challenge

Pizza Acrobat & Aperol

15:15 Flair Bartending Performance
16:00 Asahi
Coffey Grain
16:45 Legends
Peter Dorelli & Takao Mori
Interview & Demonstration
17:30 Announcement of results & Closing Ceremony

時間 ミニステージ1 ミニステージ2
12:00~12:20 Samaroli Martini
12:30~12:50 Duncan Taylor Yamazaki & Chocolate
13:00~13:20 Rancho La Joya Taketsuru
13:30~13:50 Chase Distillers Bombay Sapphire
14:00~14:20 BenRiach Distillery Suntory Fruit Brandy
14:30~14:50 Isle of Arran Distillery Bols
15:00~15:20 Mount Gay Bacardi
15:30~15:50 No.1Drinks Midori Air Mix
16:00~16:20 Kilchoman Distillery Dewars
16:30~16:50 Balblair  
17:00〜17:20 Springbank Distillery Jack Daniel's


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