Tokyo International BarShow + WHISKY EXPO JAPAN 16[Sat.] & 17[Sun.] MAY 2015 Open: 11:00 Serve End: 18:00 & Close: 18:30 Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall


Participation in a Masterclass requires purchase of a voucher ticket. Get your tickets early as it is first come, first served until the class is filled.

  • Special Guest: Ms. Julie Reiner

    Brooklyn: Cocktail Culture in New York's Hippest Brough

    5/13(Sat.) 16:30-17:30
    5/14(Sun.) 15:10-16:10

    Over the past 20 years, Manhattan has been the center of the American cocktail renaissance.  Some of the best bars in the world can be found there, including The Dead Rabbit, Nomad Bar, PDT, Death & Co., and Attaboy.  But with the rise of rents, and the changing face of the city, more and more restaurants and bars are opening in the outer boroughs.  Brooklyn is home to the next generation of great New York bars.  In this masterclass we will delve into the cocktails and mixologists who are simultaneously driving the trends as well as making cocktails more accessible for Brooklynites.

  • Special Guest: Mr. Dave Broom presented by Ambassador of ISLAY

    Smoky Whiskies - An Examination of Peat

    5/13(Sat.) 15:00-16:00
    5/14(Sun.) 16:40-17:40

    The rise of interest in smoky whiskies shows no sign of slowing. But there is more to peat that meets the eye. In the class we will look at what peat is, how it is used, what ppm means (and what it doesn't!) how peat exhibits terroir and how to use smoky whiskies in.The only opportunity to sample "Bowmore Hand Filled Bottle 13 Year Oloroso Cask" donated to the Charity Auction by the Ambassadors of Islay last year and this year's Annual Bottle "Caol Ila 2006" selected by Dave will be at this Masterclass.
    *Cost for this Masterclass is ¥2,000.

  • Cocktail Culture Foundation

    Annual Bottle Whisky Special Seminar

    5/13(Sat.) 12:00-13:00

    Sip along with the producers of Japanese whiskies Chichibu, Komagatake and Akashi as you hear about the characteristics and heart behind them. This Masterclass will be the only opportunity to taste the Annual Bottle whiskies at the BarShow, so sign up now! Speakers: Yumi Yoshikawa, Brand Ambassador, Venture Whisky Ltd. / Koki Takehira, Head Distiller, Shinshu Distillery, Hombo Shuzo Co., Ltd. / Mikio Hiraishi, President & CEO, Eigashima Shuzo Co., Ltd.
    *Cost for this Masterclass is ¥2,000.

  • Japan Gin Association

    Special Seminar on "Japanese Gin"


    This seminar will be an opportunity to learn the unique characteristics and thoughts from the producers of "Japanese Gin". Become an expert as your senses compare and contrast various gins.


    Nikka Whisky Presents New Innovation in Spirits

    5/14(Sun.) 12:00-13:00

    Nikka Whisky presents spirits made by using “café still” liquid from its traditional continuous distillation still as a base. Look forward to talking sharing a special tasting with Chief Blender Tadashi Sakuma as he describes secrets leading to this new development!

  • Suntory Spirits Limited

    Suntory Whisky – Permanence and Innovation

    5/14(Sun.) 13:30-14:30

    Ever since starting Japan's first malt whisky operations at the "Yamazaki Distillery" in 1923, Suntory Whisky has stayed on course to produce a uniquely Japanese deliciousness that incorporates sound innovations into honed traditional techniques. Fourth generation Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo takes you along the journey of "Suntory Whisky – Permanence and Innovation". A first-time tasting is also included. Please join us to experience the meticulous ways of Suntory Whisky.