Tokyo International BarShow + WHISKY EXPO JAPAN 16[Sat.] & 17[Sun.] MAY 2015 Open: 11:00 Serve End: 18:00 & Close: 18:30 Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall


<Caution When Purchasing Annual Bottles>

 Please note, you will be required to present your BarShow Card in order to purchase select Tokyo International BarShow Annual Bottles. If you intend to purchase an Annual Bottle, please get your BarShow Card in advance.
 Also note that though your Whisky Live Card and old BarShow Card will get you into the venue, it will not allow you to purchase an Annual Bottle. Again, if you intend to purchase an Annual Bottle, take the opportunity now to get a BarShow Card in place of your Whisky Live Card.
 All items that are limited to one bottle per customer will require recording of your BarShow Card number. Your BarShow Card number and bottle serial number will be matched and if we find that the bottle you purchased are auctioned off, you will be prohibited from purchasing Annual Bottles in the future, so if your sole intention is to purchase for resale, we implore you not to.
 Furthermore, we will have a separate designated location for sales else where in the venue and it has yet to be determined whether the Annual Bottles will be available at participating liquor distributors after the event. Please refrain from going to these distributors for Annual Bottles.
 Lastly, as it is unsafe to walk around with large amounts of cash, we will receive payment by credit card.

Miraculous Resurrection!
Phantom Karuizawa 2000 Vintage 700ml 62.3%

 Last year, the industry was shaken by the sensational appearance of Karuizawa's BarShow Annual Bottle. This Vintage goes even further by bringing back that straight sherry cask taste as Last Drop 2000.
 Even when compared to last year's 1999 vintage, this bottle is sure to evoke an even stronger sense of nostalgia for the Karuizawa faithful.
 Do not miss this opportunity for what could very well be the very last Karuizawa bottling ever!

Special Venue Price
BarShow Card Required
One Bottle Per Person

Ichiro's Malt CHICHIBU 2012
Vintage Red Wine Cask 700ml 61.6%

 A rich, shining amber cast in the slightest hint of red. Smooth nose of a sweet, old-fashioned candy, expanding to spicy cinnamon on the palate then a pleasing tannin finale.
 The bottle starts out in a bourbon cask, then wine, lending winey characteristics for a strong finish. This bottle leaves an impression with its soft sweetness and thick mouthfeel, to be enjoyed to the very last vapors of your glass.

Special Venue Price
BarShow Card Required
One Bottle Per Person

Komagatake 2013
Vintage Bourbon Cask 700ml 61%

 The top note is a smooth peat incense with nuances of ripe plum, vanilla, and milk caramel. Adding water presents a refreshing smell like that of a prairie. The attack is vanilla-like sweetness that is joined by the aroma of smoky, stoic peat. A soft sweetness lingers on the palate from this excellent single-malt whisky.

Special Venue Price
BarShow Card Required
One Bottle Per Person

BarShow Debut! Eigashima Distillery's Akashi
4 Year Bourbon Cask 500ml 61%

 Eigashima Distillery was founded in 1888 in the city of Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, an area blessed with quality water. Eigashima received it's whisky-making license in 1919 and in 1984 established a new whisky distillery.
 Eigashima presents its Akashi at TIBS for the first time. The four-year bourbon cask was meticulously selected by Eigashima president Mikio Hiraishi himself. Stored and aged in close proximity to the sea and warm earth, it's hard to believe this superb bottle is but a four-year, what with it's fine finish and complex flavors that linger.

Special Venue Price
BarShow Card Required
One Bottle Per Person

Produced by the Ambassadors of ISLAY
and Especially Selected by Dave Broom!
Morrison & MacKay Caol Ila 2006
Dave Bloom Aged 10 Years 700ml 58.5%

 The Caol Ila Distillery is located on the westcoast of Islay, Scotland. The smokey and peaty characteristics make it powerful, while a fruitiness compliments.
 Caol Ila 2006 was selected especially by prominent whisky spirits writer Dave Bloom in coordination with the Ambassadors of ISLAY who have invited him as a special guest to the BarShow this year.
 As a single-cask bottling, there has been zero manipulation of the proof so you may fully enjoy the unfettered charm that is Caol Ila.

Special Venue Price
BarShow Card Required
One Bottle Per Person

Only Available at the BarShow! Kyoto Distillery's
Ki No Bi Navy Strength 700ml 54%

 Ki No Bi is produced at the Kyoto Distillery by separately distilling botanicals in six categories.
 The 'base' is comprised of juniper, orris root and Japanese hinoki spruce for a profound flavor. Yuzu and lemon 'citrus' expound the essence of Ki No Bi while the 'floral' is Oriental and romantic prickly ash and leaf buds that tighten up the flavor. 'Spicy' ginger offers a heightened complexity. 'Herbal' bamboo grass and red beefsteak plant are subtle yet stately. And only the highest quality green 'tea', a gyokuro from an established Kyoto tea house, bring it all together for a refined flavor.
 The result is the exquisite balance of Ki No Bi.
 More, Ki No Bi Navy Strength is 54% alcohol, and not the standard 45%, so there is even more reason to enjoy this special limited edition item.

Special Venue Price