Tokyo International BarShow + WHISKY EXPO JAPAN 16[Sat.] & 17[Sun.] MAY 2015 Open: 11:00 Serve End: 18:00 & Close: 18:30 Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall


Title Tokyo International BarShow + WHISKY EXPO JAPAN 2017
~ Bar Summit ~
Dates & Times May 13, 2017 (Saturday) / May 14, 2017 (Sunday)
11:00~18:30 (both days)
Event Location Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall
1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo ACCESS >>
Main Sponsor Cocktail Culture Foundation
Sponsorship Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Tourism Agency
National Tax Agency
Scottish Development International
Japan Wines and Spirits Importers' Association

What's a BarShow?

 BarShows are the main event for the alcoholic beverage and bar industries and are held in the name of the region in which they occur. These exciting events draw attention from across the globe regardless of whether you are an industry insider or not.

 In 2012, the Tokyo International BarShow was the first to be held in Asia. It held in conjunction with Whisky Live, a global event well known in Japan. A world's first to bring together bars, cocktails, and whisky with a hugely successful program that satisfied liquor lovers of all kinds.

 Since first being held in Tokyo Midtown in 2012, Belle Salle Shibuya Garden in 2013, and it has been held in Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall since 2014. The event has continued to grow and boasted 10,000 visitors over two days last year.

 Ongoing demonstrations by the world's most famous bartenders making cherished domestic and foreign alcohol accessible to all in this, the Tokyo International BarShow, the grandest event of the bar industry.

 The subtitle for the event this year is "Bar Summit". The best in the business of cocktails, whisky, various spirits, tools, and glassware will come together to share knowledge and fun of bars, alcohol, cocktails, whisky and more. A full array of contents from the top in the bar industry will be yours.

Scotland and the Isle of Islay

スコットランド国際開発庁 The 2017 BarShow is proud to announce that it is backed by Scottish Development International, too.

 Unique even amongst all whisky that is Scotland is that of the Isle of Islay. In order to spread the wonders of Islay to Japan, Mr. Dave Broom was tasked to form the "Ambassadors of ISLAY" and he has been invited to the BarShow this year as a guest.

Who are the Ambassadors of ISLAY?
 In September of 1997, the head distiller at Bowmore Distillery proposed forming the Ambassadors of ISLAY to ten bartenders visiting from Japan.
Following this, it was approved by the Isle of Islay Head Distiller Council and these ten became officially recognized as private friendship ambassadors.
The Ambassadors have embraced their role through activities that expound the spiritual natural elements of Islay and the wonders of Islay Whisky through educational activities and speaking opportunities.